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△IBS coating

The ion source is used to emit ions, which are extracted, accelerated and focused to form a beam. The ion beam is bombarded into a high vacuum target, and the sputtering atoms are coated. Ion source is the most important part of IBS device. The ion source is usually composed of a network of electrodes that produce ions in the discharge chamber and accelerate (or decelerate) ions to neutralize the ionic charge of the filament. The characteristic of this ion source is that it is equipped with multipole magnetic field and porous ion extraction system, which can easily extract ion beam with large diameter and large current.



High laser damage threshold

Excellent stability

Strong mechanical properties


High cost


IBS Products:

UV Mirror,IR Mirror

Window,Thin Film Polarizer




△IAD Coating

Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition (IAD) uses the same E-beam method to evaporate coating materials but with the addition of an ion source to promote nucleation and growth of materials at lower temperatures (20 - 100 °C). The ion source allows temperature-sensitive substrates to be coated. This process also results in a denser coating that is less sensitive to spectral shifting in both humid and dry environmental conditions.



The membrane has compact structure and good

corrosion resistance

High film rate

Low cost


The application of ion plating is limited

The substrate temperature is higher

The deposited films contain more gas


IBS Products: